Integrated, powerful, efficient

LPKF presents next generation laser plastic welding 

LPKF Laser & Electronics presents for the first time the new generation of the InlineWeld 6600 laser plastic welding system for joining plastic components in a fully automated production environment at the Fakuma in Friedrichshafen. This new development focuses on efficiency, cost minimisation and quality assurance for the user. 

The universally applicable, standardized LPKF InlineWeld 6600 welding system allows plastic components to be joined together quickly, safely and hermetically. The system with compact laser head and separate control cabinet is designed for three-shift operation with large production quantities. Thanks to extensive automation interfaces, the Inline system can be easily and quickly integrated into production lines and MES. 
From the project setup to the finished and high-quality component, it is only a few steps. The perfect interaction of hardware and software makes a major contribution to the economical use of the machine. With just a few mouse clicks, a contour can be automatically generated that is converted into a perfect welding result on the calibrated working field. Short cycle times, which can be further reduced with the optional double clamping technology, ensure efficiency in the production process. 

Conversion to various applications is carried out quickly using tried and tested, standardized tool change adapters - and with integrated tool recognition. Modern, variable servo clamping technology guarantees a consistently high connection quality over the entire weld seam. The integrated process monitoring in the LPKF InlineWeld 6600 ensures maximum process reliability.

Optimum results thanks to transmission measurement  

With the LPKF TMG 3 measuring device, the transparency properties of plastics can be easily checked within a few seconds before welding. Since the optical transmission of the plastic is one of the decisive factors for the quality of the joint and since preceding process steps influence this, the simple control of the transmission properties prior to laser plastic welding pays off in the context of integrated quality assurance. For this purpose, the measuring device can be easily integrated into the production line.