Boosting Production during Laser Plastic Welding

New system software and welding machines at Medtec

A premiere at Medtec: LPKF will be presenting a solution for existing welding machines. The LPKF WeldPro Light software takes the process data from ProSet 3D, and after a one-off machine calibration, can then transfer the process data without any problems.

Another exhibit is the recently announced InlineWeld 6200. This system is integrated within the clients’ own production lines. It features a ProfiNet interface, and is fully controlled via the in place MES. The version with the fine-focus laser showcased at Medtec is completely new. This model is designed for extremely fine and precise welds, and can be used to create weld seams with widths between 0.7 mm and 2.5 mm.

The high quality standards demanded by medical technology meet their match in the LPKF TMG 3. As a stand-alone or integration solution, this transmission measuring device determines the absorption values of components in the wavelengths of the welding laser. Thanks to certification by the German National Test Authority (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) this measuring device has been issued with a factory calibration certificate since December 2016, and complies with the DIN 9001 specifications for unbroken product monitoring during the manufacturing process.

A solution for the production of shallow clear-clear welds uses a laser with a wavelength of around 2000 nm. Welding takes place by very precise focussing on the welding horizon. The LPKF PrecisionWeld is a compact welding system for the production of microfluidic components. Thanks to modern laser technology, and a special overpressure clamping system, it can weld transparent microfluidic parts without harming the sensitive channels.