LPKF ProtoLaser R for Structuring LTCC Carbon Tape

Neues Tech Paper Available for Download

The LPKF ProtoLaser R is the first compact laboratory laser with an ultrashort-pulse laser source. Its unique strengths are most obvious in the cold processing of thin layers.

In a recently presented tech paper, it demonstrated its precision on a special material. With a laser spot size of just 15 μm, it was able to structure and cut 0.2-mm-thick carbon tape for LTCC manufacturing.

The tech paper presents the test layout as well as the results in the form of microscope images with dimensions indicated. Scientific Prototyping Strategic Product Manager Lars Führmann is convinced: “On this material, too, the LPKF ProtoLaser R demonstrates that USP processing is a key factor in achieving new, sophisticated product layouts.”

The tech paper, which is entitled Structuring and Cutting LTCC Carbon Tape, is immediately available for free download from the Knowledge Center (www.lpkf.com/knowledge-center) on the LPKF website.