Laser Meets the TPMS - Ready for China and the Future

Schrader Performance Sensors selects LPKF’s laser transmission welding for tire pressure monitoring systems

“The great flexibility and diversity of the laser transmission process give LPKF numerous possibilities for growth, not just in the automotive industry but also in the medical products and consumer goods industries. In China - one of the most important markets for our machines - we are optimally equipped with a broad setup and a local team,” adds Georg Heissen, LPKF Sales Manager for Asia.

The global conquest of tire pressure monitoring systems began ten years ago in the US, when installation of the systems in new vehicles became mandatory. Europe followed in November 2014, and now even South Korean legislators are requiring the systems. China, by now the world’s largest auto market, will presumably be next. The technical standards were already put into place in the country in 2011. However, the corresponding sanctions are still missing, which is the reason why only the top vehicle classes are currently being equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems there. Until more penetration occurs for new vehicles, Schrader will continue furthering the democratization of TPMSes. Thus, the company now offers three practical retrofitting kits in OE quality especially for China. Of course, laser welding systems “Made in Germany” are also used in these sensors.