Sensitive laser structuring of FR 4 and HF materials

Exceptionally gentle on materials, yet precise and fast: The new LPKF ProtoLaser ST

The new ProtoLaser ST from LPKF Laser & Electronics AG is the perfect instrument in the laboratory for fast and precise processing of both standard FR4 PCBs and PCBs made of sensitive RF materials. Using a highly-specialized laser and optimally programmed software, the machine offers high-tech material processing for PCB prototyping. The process does not require the use of etching technology.

A wide range of materials, fast processing, reliable process results in the laboratory and ultimately short time-to-market - this is what PCB developers wish for. The LPKF ProtoLaser ST fills these wishes, for example in the production of complex digital and analog circuits, RF and microwave circuit boards. It achieves exact geometries on almost any - even very sensitive - material. This makes the laser system ideal for structuring single-sided or double-sided printed circuit boards, antennas, filters and many applications requiring precise sharp edges.

Without the use of etching technology - and thus without special training, safety systems or compliance with environmental regulations - the LPKF ProtoLaser ST can precisely process even sensitive surfaces within a few minutes.

The high-performance machine for particularly gentle processing of materials achieves high speeds that cannot be matched by milling processes, for example. This is made possible using a special laser source and the digital, scanner-based process. The integrated software, which is data preparation and system control in one, ensures simple operation. Desired layout changes and associated iteration steps can be implemented flexibly and quickly. Together with the integrated camera system, the software enables accurate positioning for processing the predrilled and cut-out PCBs - for high-precision results.

The LPKF ProtoLaser ST enables efficient prototyping or on-demand production of customer-specific small series. As a compact table-top system with laser class 1, it can be used in practically any laboratory. All that is required for operation is a power socket and compressed air. High-tech can be that simple.