Chipmakers must improve the performance of their products - LPKF has the solution

Garbsen, 13 May 2024 - The miniaturization of micro-chips is gradually reaching its physical limits. Chip manufacturers are forced to find new ways to further improve system performance and meet the ever-increasing requirements of technologies such as generative AI.

In this context, the immediate vicinity of the chip is increasingly coming into focus and several renowned players have now announced a paradigm shift: glass as a substrate material for Advanced Packaging. This has set the industry in motion. LPKF’s LIDE technology (Laser Induced Deep Etching) is ready to enable this transition from ramp-up to high volume manufacturing.  

Advanced packaging with glass substrates 

Today, Advanced Packaging is a strategically important discipline in chip manufacturing. It enables chip architects to connect highly integrated chips more tightly together. With glass substrates instead of organic or silicon substrates, even more chiplets can be packed into one system. The systems become faster, take up less space and consume less power.  

“The notion that glass is an ideal substrate material is not exactly new, but it used to be very difficult to process in a quality that these fields of application require,” says Roman Ostholt, Managing Director Electronics at LPKF and key developer of LIDE. “With LIDE, glass substrates from 100µm up to 1.1mm can be processed quickly, precisely, and without damage,” he adds.  

High process maturity of LIDE technology  

“Our technology has reached an excellent level of maturity and can meet the high requirements of the semiconductor industry”, says Klaus Fiedler, CEO of LPKF. “We have increased our production capacities for LIDE at our headquarters in Garbsen/Hannover in order to meet growing customer demand". 

The high level of process maturity and the proof of operational performance have already convinced global players to work with LPKF’s technology. “Our customers appreciate the precision and flexibility we can offer, and they are particularly impressed by the new design possibilities which LIDE opens up for them”, says Ostholt.  

Industry experts assume that the transformation of the semiconductor industry to high volume manufacturing of glass-based packages will take place in the second half of this decade. LPKF is ready to drive this change forward with its outstanding know-how and equipment solutions. 

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About LPKF 

LPKF Laser & Electronics SE is a leading provider of laser-based solutions for the technology industry. LPKF laser systems are of crucial importance to the production of printed circuit boards, microchips, automotive parts, solar modules and a large number of other components. Founded in 1976, the company is headquartered in Garbsen near Hanover and operates worldwide via subsidiaries and representative offices. The shares of LPKF Laser & Electronics SE are traded in the Prime Standard segment of Deutsche Börse (ISIN 0006450000). 



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