The fascination of lasers – reports from the business areas.

In addition to PCB prototyping, electronics production is an important market for LPKF. A lot has happened recently, especially with cutting lasers.

The crucial centimeters more 

With the new LPKF StencilLaser G60120 system, LPKF is improving performance in various applications, such as 5G antennas or long LED lighting. The cutting area has been expanded to 600 mm x 1200 mm - with the same high level of precision. A powerful laser source and special carbon fiber axles ensure high performance and economy. Visit our website for more information

Tiny, fast, precise: micro-cutting parts with LPKF systems 

The current issue of the specialist magazine Mikroproduktion deals with micro-cut parts. There, LPKF will show how quickly and precisely small metal parts up to a thickness of 4mm can be separated from foils or thin sheets. The article explains exciting areas of application and clearly presents quality features. So far only available in German.

Cut better, hear better – practical report GN Hearing 

The practice report GN-Hearing also deals with cutting processes, but this time the laser separates assembled PCBs from larger panels . The Danish company has been using LPKF technology since 2014. With the new LPKF CuttingMaster the cutting performance could be more than doubled - with consistently high quality. You can read more about this in the practice report in the LPKF Knowledge Center.


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