Processing Panasonic Megtron 6 with the ProtoLaser U4

Megtron 6 is an advanced material for high-speed network equipment, back panels, HDI boards, high-speed/frequency measurement devices, and RF designs. With the LPKF ProtoLaser U4, this material can be processed with high precision and at low cost.

Metron 6 is offered with different mesh types and hydrocarbon resins in thicknesses from 50 µm. Together with prepregs and its high temperature resistance, this material enables multilayer RF development with standard FR4 equipment. RF multilayer designs can also be combined with traditional FR4 material, contributing to further cost savings. 

The sample 

The small 45 x 35mm single-sided pattern features RF-like geometries such as filters, stubs and couplers. Geometries include rectangles, blunt and sharp corners, and some arcs and circles. In addition, through holes should be drilled and the final PCB cut out of the circuit board template. The sample demonstrates the high-precision transfer from the CAD layout to the processed circuit board as well as the reproducibility. 

The result is impressive.

The laser settings for ablation, drilling and cutting are already stored as a material library in the LPKF system software. The high level of agreement between the measured sample and the CAD data could be reliably demonstrated in the test. The entire report with further detailed results is available for free download in the Knowledge Center


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