New TechGuide Available

Fresh from the printer or conveniently in the electronic version: The LPKF TechGuide is now available free of charge in an updated version in German and English.

The LPKF TechGuide is aimed at electronics technicians who want to structure, contact or assemble printed circuit boards themselves. He presents the innovative prototyping solutions from LPKF, very practically with many applications and explanations. With this comprehensive prototyping process, printed circuit boards (PCBs) can be manufactured in-house close to series production. 

You can find out in the 40-page guide (excerpt): 

  • process steps of PCB prototyping 

  • rigid, rigid-flex and flexible printed circuit boards 

  • LPKF software 

  • structuring and editing circuit boards 

  • drilling and cutting 

  • multilayer: manufacturing and pressing 

  • through-hole contacts 

  • silk screen and assembly 

  • reflow soldering 

Get the TechGuide now!
LPKF TechGuide Rapid PCB Prototyping (pdf - 3 MB)


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