LPKF Systems Optimize Prototyping at Rohde & Schwarz

The Munich, Germany-based technology group Rohde & Schwarz develops, produces, and markets a wide range of electronic capital goods for business and the public sector. Various LPKF systems help keep pace with the high quality requirements and fast development cycles.

A workforce numbering more than 13,000 generates revenue of some 2.3 billion euros annually in four business fields.

In the development of the sophisticated electronic components, Florian Antretter, Head of Central Electromechanical Services, relies on in-house prototyping throughout:

“We don’t have to give out any sensitive layouts and we avoid long routes and reduce manufacturing times.”

Rohde & Schwarz was originally very satisfied with the ProtoMat H100 circuit board plotter – but requirements grew to include finer, highly complex structures, sensitive coatings, and extremely thin substrate materials. These tasks are currently being performed by an LPKF ProtoLaser S4.

In a noncontact process, a high-energy laser beam generates the required layouts – rapidly and with high precision. Also in the lab is the LPKF Contac S4, with which single- or multilayer PCBs can be reliably electrically connected and through-hole plated.

The development workshop at the Munich location uses the ProtoLaser S4 mainly for fabricating prototypes and test patterns on site. However, other Rohde & Schwarz branches also make good use of these services.


Application Report
Prototyping at Rohde & Schwarz (pdf - 923 KB)