Rapid In-house PCB Prototyping at PTB in Berlin

The User Support and Training Center for Electronics Engineers at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Berlin is a loyal customer for LPKF rapid prototyping systems.

LPKF Contac through-hole plating systems have been in use at PTB since the 1990s, and the staff are therefore very experienced in using them. The new user-friendly functions and processes of the LPKF Contac S4 surprised and convinced these "old hands" of the new system.

How using the Contac S4 at PTB saves time and money and how easy it is to use with LPKF's other prototyping equipment, you can read in an interview with Andreas Höbbel, head of internal PCB production at PTB, that you can download for free in the Knowledge Center.


Application report 'Rapid In-house PCB Prototyping at PTB in Berlin'