RF-Multilayer and In-house PCB Prototyping

RF technology faces increasingly discriminating standards for miniaturization and short design cycles. Because of this, finding reliable, efficient prototyping processes has become more important than ever, with multilayer applications presenting an ever bigger challenge.

In-house PCB prototyping offers several convincing advantages for research and development in the RF area. But are the in-house systems also suitable to produce multilayers for RF applications? We have tested this using Rogers Bonding Material, among other things - the result: an RF 4-layer can be reliably bonded and plated through with LPKF equipment.

Learn more about the production of multilayer printed circuit boards with LPKF's in-house PCB prototyping equipment in a Techpaper that you can download free of charge from the Knowledge Center.


Techpaper 'RF Multilayer and In-house PCB Prototyping'