LPKF ensures success at the World Skills Competition

Successful performance: LPKF systems at the 50th Taiwan Skills Competition 2020

The National Taiwan Skills Competition 2020 (NTSC) was held in Taipei in mid-September. For five days, young participants competed here to qualify for the 2021 World Skills Competition with fast and innovative solutions in PCB manufacture.

Li Huey Co., Ltd. has been a sponsor of the NTSC since 2008, enabling young trainees and students to demonstrate their skills. This year, the company provided one LPKF ProtoMat S104 and two LPKF ProtoMat E44, which produced a total of 23 PCBs in five hours. The competition was a success as always - no wonder: with the LPKF ProtoMat PCB Prototyping Systems.

This year the event celebrated its anniversary. It was already the 50th NTSC competition in the already traditional series of events. The national champion of 2019 and 2020 and a placed participant will now prepare for the World Skills Competition in October 2021.

By the way, the support of the Skills Competition by Li Huey pays off: Since the company has been supporting the national competition with LPKF systems, the Taiwanese participants have been able to receive awards at every event of the biennial World Skills Competition:

2009 Gold Medal
Silver medal 2011
Gold Medal 2013
Gold Medal 2015
Gold Medal 2017
Bronze medal 2019

The stable performance was awarded by the NTSC. This confirms Li Huey's view: "The LPKF ProtoMat is the best PCB prototyping system for training participants in electrotechnical competitions.”

By the way, the LPKF ProtoMat S104 produced 12 PCBs in five hours during the competition, and the two LPKF ProtoMat E44s produced 11 PCBs in the same time. Both great performances; with the easy-to-use LPKF ProtoMat S104 producing twice the output of the E44, LPKF has proven that it offers the right system for each customer requirements concerning precision and speed.