Development of a High-End Phono Preamp

After many "dry years" for the vinyl record, the enthusiasm for this sound carrier is now rising again worldwide. Reason enough to get involved in the construction of record players.

Connecting a turntable to an amplifier often requires a preamplifier so that the signal can be further processed and output by the end device.

In the construction of a phono preamplifier, different inputs for MM and MC pickups are selected, a terminating resistor and/or capacitor is connected and the appropriate gain is set via a control board.

In the process of development presented in this article, the double-sided circuit board was produced with an LPKF ProtoMat S64 using insulation routing. Using the LPKF ProConduct method, the double-sided circuit board was plated through, which greatly simplifies commissioning.

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Application report 'Development of a High-End Phono Preamp'