Application engineer ensures optimum results

Sibylle joined LPKF in January as an application engineer in the Rapid Prototyping division. We spoke to her about her professional tasks and challenges.

Hello Sibylle. You are still quite new in the company, but you have already got a good insight into your field of activity. What are your core tasks? How do you experience LPKF, your tasks, the products? Would you like to tell us a little bit about yourself?
Sure - even though I won't talk about confidential projects, of course. About me: I was already fascinated by the exciting field of laser technology during my studies. Before I joined LPKF, I was already working next door in Garbsen: At the Laser Centre Hanover and the PZH (Production Technology Centre Hanover), both research institutions which work together with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Leibniz University Hanover.

Have you also worked in the application area there?
Yes, in addition to the master’s degree as an assistant to doctoral students for their specific application. I worked with different lasers on the surface processing of different materials, documented the results and always got the best solution. My field of work at LPKF is now more independent and varied - and naturally very close to the customer.

What does that mean in detail?
I primarily create samples for customers and work with various materials. It is exciting to see what innovative ideas the customers have and to find out if and with which tools the tasks can be realized. Especially with new materials the challenge is often very demanding. However, I benefit a lot from my knowledge of laser technology and my experience with it. I can usually quickly determine the best solution - with which wavelength or which power the material is best processed in order to achieve optimum results. Thanks to the various laser systems from LPKF, we have the right solution for almost every task. It doesn't always have to be the laser - the circuit board plotters of the LPKF ProtoMat series also achieve excellent results for many applications. Documenting the results is still one of my jobs, of course. Our customers continue to work with these results.

Do you already have a favorite product that you enjoy working with?
Each of the LPKF systems is particularly suitable for special applications. Of course, I am attracted to the new laser system, the ProtoLaser R4. It works with a UKP laser which brings a very low heat input into the material and which works very precisely. It is also equipped with the latest software. And I have to say that I did not know this operating comfort before. The software is well thought-out, contains many features and is intuitive to use. Thanks to the good controls, it is a real pleasure to work with the system. And I assume that the users also enjoy working with our systems. Especially when they can use it to implement their ideas.

One final question: How do you feel as a woman working the field of technology?
Very good! I love technical challenges. I enjoy working with men as much as with women, because the joy of achieving a technical goal is what counts. But it's not so unusual for a woman to take on technical challenges nowadays. LPKF, a genuine technology company, also employs many women - even in development.

Thanks for taking the time for this interview.


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