Multilayer Sets for Blind and Buried Vias

When space requirements push your design to shrink further, or your BGA needs a more complex fan-out, blind and buried vias can help. This well-known technology is often omitted if possible due to the increase of PCB production costs. Multilayers are also necessary when dealing with high speed data transfer to control signal line impedance and avoid crosstalk and disturbance.

To help you easily implement blind and buried vias into your in-house prototype designs, LPKF has selected well-established PCB materials, and qualified them with LPKF prototyping equipment in order to make this a simple and stable process. We have published a Techpaper on the process in which you can learn more about the process. You will also learn about the new sets for 4-, 6- and 8-layer PCBs and get information about how to prepare your LPKF MultiPress S for processing these materials.

You can download the techpaper in the LPKF Knowledge Center:

Blind and Buried Vias for Multilayer Production