New: CircuitPro 2.7 for ProtoMat Systems

Our latest introduced ProtoMats S64 and S104 brought some fresh approaches into software. Now we broaden the features to older systems, including systems like ProtoMat S62, S100 and ProtoMat H100. For ProtoMat S64 and S104 users, new templates make the processing of also blind and buried vias possible.

The CircuitPro software for the LPKF ProtoMat family is regularly improved and updated for our users.  From LPKF as a leading supplier, users of LPKF systems expect to get constant improvements in the latest technology for PCB milling. Our software, which was revised and developed for the ProtoMat S64 and S104 systems, has some new features that can now be transferred to the previous generation ProtoMat systems such as the ProtoMat S62, S100 (produced between 2005 and 2011) and the ProtoMat H100.

Full support of Windows 10, seamless switch between CAM data and ProtoMat controls, new fiducial search algorithms, new templates, revised 2.5D approach may enhance your prototyping experience.


Download Flyer CircuitPro 2.7 for ProtoMat