New ProtoLaser R4: Short laser pulses - gentle material processing

The development of new materials is the basis for many promising, future-oriented innovations. LPKF is now launching the new ProtoLaser R4, particularly for research with thermally sensitive materials, as lowest possible heat input is the ultimate in laser micro material processing. The new laser system with picosecond short laser pulses allows the structuring of sensitive substrates as well as the cutting of hardened or fired technical substrates. After all, the shorter the pulse duration, the lower the heat input.

The advantages of the system at a glance

  • Pico-second laser for innovative research
  • gentle processing even of thermally sensitive materials
  • ready-to-use laser class 1 laboratory system
  • intuitively operable CAM software
  • Encapsulated system - no security effort, no assembly of individual components


More infomation about the new LPKF ProtoLaser R4