Prototyping for microwave and RF applications

In previous newsletter issues, we already described how PCBs can be produced inhouse using laser technology. You can read more about it in the Microwave Journal.

The beginning of October, we presented this and other topics at the European Microwave Week in Paris. At the conference, we presented the ProtoLaser ST for the first time for the "RF world". The audience both from industry and research was equally interested. The compact laser system has shown many people that the use of laser technology does not necessarily require a lot of space and can also be safe and easy to operate. As expected, the interest in our ProtoMat family with the new "family members" S64 and S104 was also high at the conference. For the first time we presented LPKF together with our French partner at one booth. This was a successful cooperation, which we will repeat in 2020 at the European Microwave Week in Utrecht.

Our colleague form LPKF, Stefan Kiel, was at the trade fair for the first time. His conclusion: "With our products, we have the right tools for our customers to produce prototypes flexibly and easily. It was a great pleasure for me to present this to the specialist audience at EuMW and to receive a lot of positive feedback.

We had the same experience at productronica in Munich, where the LPKF Systems technology to process laminated material was particularly well received, using the ProtoLaser U4 as an example.

The SPACE TECH EXPO EUROPE 2019 in Bremen also in November has primarily been the focus of research laboratories from the space supply chain. The question of different materials and processing quality was at the center of the discussions. We were pleased to set obviously very good benchmarks here with our systems.