Scientific publications

Are you interested in scientific projects from various disciplines? In institutes and laboratories around the world, where the path to research results leads via micromaterial processing, systems from LPKF are very often found.

Institutes and laboratories involved in electronics development often use LPKF equipment. Their publications mention these products and their applications in some cases.

Micromaterial processing, PCB prototyping, electronics development, semiconductor technology: For many researchers, it is hard to imagine life without LPKF equipment.

Interesting research results that were realized with the help of LPKF can be found in numerous publications. We have compiled a collection of them for you. Learn about applications of ProtoLaser systems or ProtoMats and marvel at the innovative power of science and development.

An overview of all previous collections of publications as well as numerous user reports and tech papers can be found in the LPKF Knowledge Center.


Download 'Publications with LPKF Equipment (Part 3)'.