Room for new things

Innovations pave the way for new applications and open up new possibilities. We regularly develop new products that can outperform their predecessors in terms of performance and precision. Naturally, this also involves design changes. Previous components give way to new ones. We strive to offer you spare parts for your existing machines for as long as possible. Sometimes, however, we also need space for new parts - and we are also no longer able to supply certain components at economical conditions.

Some of the older LPKF systems, some of which have been out of production for some time, have been in use for many years - and still work successful. We are pleased about that.

However, for some of these models, spare parts or complete circuit boards are now no longer available or can only be made available through special production. In these cases, keeping spare parts on hand is uneconomical. Therefore, we discontinue the support as well as the availability of spare parts for the following, older machine generations:

  • ProtoMat S 42
  • ProtoMat S 62
  • ProtoMat H 100
  • ProtoLaser – S 1.0 (SMCU II)
  • ProtoLaser – U 1.0 (SMCU II)
  • MultiPress S (Stainless Steel Housing)
  • ProtoFlow S (Stainless Steel Housing)

We hope for your understanding for this decision. LPKF and our international sales partners will be happy to answer your questions about the models of the current ProtoMat series as well as our ProtoLaser systems and the other products for PCB prototyping. You can also visit our showroom or get specific product information in our product finder.

If you need further technical information, please contact us or your your local sales partner.


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