LPKF at the productronica

This year LPKF was again at the productronica. Some of you - and many interested parties not previously known to us - came to see us at our booth. Together we really had many very constructive discussions.

As one of the few presence trade fairs at all this year, productronica 2021 was something special. For both visitors and exhibitors, the focus on specific topics was obviously high; there was less of a general, loosely informative "strolling through the exhibition halls". Were you there and did you experience this in a similar way?

At LPKF, we were able to hold many constructive discussions. Often, the focus was on universal solutions for the application of a wide variety of materials. The question of how LPKF systems deal with different and, above all, new materials shows that users are working on very innovative solutions with many new ideas.

In LPKF's Development division, the focus at the trade show was on the one hand on laser processing with new materials - and the ProtoLaser U4 gave the many visitors a live demonstration of how easily and quickly structures can be perfectly realized. On the other hand, our experts at the booth answered a great many inquiries on the subject of multilayer production. There also seems to be a great demand in this area, which is certainly also due to the still ongoing "miniaturization" megatrend.

What questions did - or would you - have asked us at the trade show? Were you perhaps unable to attend the trade show or do you have further questions about our products and services? Then why not visit our virtual showroom. Here, for example, we have set up a dedicated room for multilayer production.


Virtual 3D Product Showroom