Curious about science?

Are you interested in scientific projects from various disciplines? In institutes and laboratories around the world, where the path to research results leads via micromaterial processing, systems from LPKF are very often found.

We have compiled a collection of scientific publications on research projects from various disciplines in which our ProtoLasers or ProtoMats play an important role.

Feel free to scroll through these highly interesting and innovative research papers from medical technology, semiconductor technology or other research areas. Here, for example, it is about "Fully implantable optoelectronic systems for battery-free, multimodal operation in neuroscience research". Or it is about " Plasma Jets Fabricated in Low-Temperature Cofired Ceramics for Gold Nanoparticles Synthesis", or about " Photonic Spin Hall Effect in Waveguides Composed of Two Types of Single-Negative Metamaterials". Curious?


Download 'Publications with LPKF Equipment'.