Fabrication of a PCB-embedded Half-bridge Module

An application report by staff at Kempten University of Applied Sciences describes the manufacturing of a power electronic circuit with PCB-integrated MOSFET chips. Lab-scale prototyping equipment is used for the entire manufacturing process.

Embedding power semiconductor devices into printed circuit boards (PCB) has been investigated for several years. With this technology the PCB is built-up around a bare semiconductor chip. Compared to the conventional approach, where packaged semiconductors are soldered to a PCB, which serves as circuit carrier only, embedding of power semi-conductors (such as MOSFET or IGBT) offers many benefits.

This technology is available from a few specialized PCB manufacturers, who offer production only for high volume applications. In this application report, which is available free of charge from the LPKF Knowledge Center, you can read how a demonstrator board with an embedded MOSFET half bridge is developed, fabricated, and tested.


Application report 'Fabrication of a PCB-embedded Half-bridge Module'