Looking beyond the (printed circuit board) horizon: News from the LPKF world

LPKF's innovative LIDE© technology enables thousands to millions of tiny structures to be created in glass in high quality on the smallest of surfaces. Glass arrays or biochips with recesses with diameters ranging from 5 µm to millimeters are produced. They allow experiments with volumes in the nanoliter range.

This is an important method in the life sciences for separating cells, DNA and other biological materials. Under the brand name ARRALYZE, LPKF offers the glass arrays together with a workstation which can handle the arrays natively and enables a wide range of applications.

Thanks to the small volumes of the individual ARRALYZE reaction vessels, expensive reagents can be used very economically, and very little biological material is required. Thus ARRALYZE can become a valuable tool in many life science laboratories.

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ARRALYZE - Innovation for Life Science Laboratories (pdf)