Current changes in ProtoMat and ProtoLaser, MultiPress, MiniContac and Contac product families

A couple of the older LPKF systems are still in use in laboratories; for some of these models, spare parts or complete components are no longer available or can only be made available by special production. In these cases, the stocking of spare parts is uneconomical for us and for you. For this reason, we are discontinuing support and availability of spare parts for following older machine generations:

  • ProtoMat C-Series
  • ProtoMat M-Series
  • ProtoMat 9X-Series
  • ProtoLaser 1
  • ProtoLaser 100
  • ProtoLaser 200
  • MultiPress I and II
  • MiniContac I, II, III and S
  • Contac I, II and III

Should you require further information, please contact your local distributor or the LPKF Service & Support Team.