LPKF receives order from the solar industry

The technology company LPKF Laser & Electronics AG has again received an order from a leading global company to equip a production facility for solar modules. The order has an expected total volume of just under EUR 10 million and is expected to generate revenue in 2022.


LPKF has been a leading supplier of highly specialized laser systems for structuring thin-film solar modules for 14 years. Thin-film modules are characterized by high economic efficiency and are mainly used in the professional sector.

"The new order shows that our laser systems help to further increase the efficiency of solar modules and thus increase the competitiveness of our customers," says CFO Christian Witt. "Furthermore, we are contributing to generate clean, sustainable and economical energy."

With LPKF's high-precision laser technology, module manufacturers can significantly increase the efficiency of each individual solar module. This makes the production of solar power more competitive - even without government subsidies.


Press release
LPKF receives order from the solar industry (pdf - 189 KB)