LPKF receives order to equip factory for manufacturing CIGS thin-film solar modules

For the past 13 years, technology company LPKF Laser & Electronics AG (LPKF) has been a globally leading supplier of highly specialized laser systems for structuring thin-film solar modules with CdTe (cadmium telluride) technology. Now, for the first time, LPKF has received an order to equip manufacturing facilities which will make thin-film solar modules with CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide) technology. Together, these two technologies dominate thin-film solar module manufacturing today.

With the order received today, LPKF now has orders on hand in the CIGS segment of approximately EUR 10 million, from an existing customer. With that, the volume LPKF expects from the framework agreement with this customer, which was communicated on 27 September 2020, increases to approximately EUR 28 million. Revenue from that framework agreement is expected to be realized beginning in the second quarter of 2021 and into 2022, confirming the company's internal revenue planning in the Solar segment.

"I am happy that the continuing development of our laser technology into a differentiated solution for customers who intend to manufacture thin-film solar modules with CIGS technology is now paying off. Our CIGS solution will increase the competitiveness of CIGS thin-film solar modules, and that of our customers," says CEO Goetz M. Bendele.

LPKF's ultra-precise laser technology enables manufacturers to significantly increase the conversion efficiency of each individual solar module. This makes the production of solar electricity more competitive – even without state subsidies. Against the backdrop of accelerating climate change, LPKF's solar scribing systems help make energy generation both cleaner and more sustainable.


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