LPKF Signs Technology License Agreement with Nippon Electric Glass

Today, technology company LPKF has signed a License Agreement with Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd. (NEG) for the use of its proprietary LIDE technology in display manufacturing applications including cover glass, substrate glass, and other glass components. As part of the agreement signed today, NEG has purchased an initial Vitrion system, to be delivered later in the current quarter.

LPKF’s LIDE technology (Laser Induced Deep Etching) enables customers to process thin glass quickly, precisely and without any damage such as micro cracks. This makes LIDE a fundamental technology for many microsystems technology applications, including in the display and semiconductor industries, microfluidics, or MEMS fabrication.

“For us, this is an important step in establishing LPKF as a systems supplier for the display industry, and in unlocking this key application for LIDE”, says CEO Goetz M. Bendele. “With this solution, we enable our display industry customers to commercially leverage the sig-nificant advantages of LIDE – lower cost, stronger displays, as well as the capability to realize foldable glass displays – and to realize the resulting competitive advantage.”


Press release
LPKF Signs Technology License Agreement with Nippon Electric Glass (pdf - 224 KB)