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LPKF Laser & Electronics AG

Enabling Miniaturization & Digitization

Deployed as a tool, light is clearing the way for the environmentally friendly, digital production of increasingly smaller yet more powerful products.

LPKF at a glance

LPKF Laser & Electronics AG is a highly specialized photonics machinery manufacturer and the world’s leading provider of laser-driven production processes. LPKF develops all-in-one solutions for dynamicmarkets such as the electronics industry, automotive parts suppliers, the solar industry, medical technology, research institutions, and universities. The LPKF Group maintains a broad-based product portfolio. With innovative ideas and application-specific know-how, the LPKF Group has taken a leading position in all of its segments while developingentirely new markets on a regular basis. To maintain its ability to innovate, the Company invests around 10% of its revenue into in-house R&D activities every single year.

Conference Call

Conference call with members of the Management Board concerning the Annual Report 2018.

LPKF share

Current share price and information on the LPKF share.

Key group figures

LPKF key group figures at a glance.

Financial calendar

Overview of the financial and publication dates of LPKF Laser & Electronics AG.

Business segments

Investment thesis


Miniaturization and digital manufacturing need laser technology.


Leading global provider of laser applications in growing and dynamic markets.


Several “high potentials” in product pipeline.


Established Global network

Global sales and service network.


Picking up speed towards profitability and growth.


Current forecast

For 2018, the Management Board anticipates Group sales of between € 115 and 120 million.

The EBIT margin is expected to be in the upper range of the forecast up to 6 %.

Assuming a stable development of the global economy, the Management Board expects a Group-revenue of between € 130 million and € 135 million and an EBIT margin of between 8% and 12% for the financial year 2019. This corresponds to a ROCE of between 10% and 15%. Based on the current order situation, LPKF expects a strong first quarter of 2019 with revenue between € 30 million and € 35 million. 

In the following years, the Management Board intends to further increase the profitability of the company and generate a sustainable EBIT margin of more than 12 %.



Bettina Schäfer
Manager Investor Relations (CIRO)
LPKF Laser & Electronics AG
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