Precise Manual Stencil Printer

Ideal for professional fine-pitch SMD prototyping

The LPKF ProtoPrint S/ -ProtoPrint S RP are equipped with a ZelFlex clamping frame, but are also compatible with many other stencil frames.



SMT / Finishing: Products and systems at a glance

LPKF ProtoPrint S/-RP

The LPKF ProtoPrint S/-RP tabletop systems are manual SMD fine-pitch stencil printer for precise application of solder paste to circuit boards.

The LPKF ProtoPlace S places the components on the solder paste pads. The system pneumatically lowers the components and places them precisely.

The ProtoFlow E is the entry-level model for reflow soldering.

With LPKF ProMask, printed circuit boards can be quickly and easily equipped with solder resist masks. The LPKF ProLegend assembly print identifies the position of the components on the printed circuit board and can be used for any labeling. Both processes are based on manual lacquer application.

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