LPKF ProtoMat S64

Manufacturing high performance PCBs

  • Fully automatic operation incl. automatic tool change
  • Low-maintenance high-speed milling spindle
  • Intuitive, integrated system software
  • Camera controlled fiducial recognition and milling width control
  • Granite base for highest accuracy results
LPKF ProtoMat S64

The allrounder in printed circuit board processing

Suitable for almost all in-house prototyping applications

The high speed of the low-maintenance milling spindle guarantees the production of fine structures down to 100 μm and allows the production of multilayers. The extensive equipment makes the ProtoMat S64 the perfect addition to any development environment.


Milling Spindle 60 000 RPM

The milling spindle with 60 000 rpm guarantees shortest machining times and highest geometric accuracy. It is low-maintenance due to the new pneumatic self-cleaning function for milling spindle and milling depth sensor. The granite machine base also ensures consistently accurate results..

Automatic: Tool Change and Milling Width Adjustment

Up to 15 tools – more if required – can be changed  automatically during the production process. Depending on the intrusion depth, the conical milling cutters generate different insulation channels. The automatic milling width adjustment ensures that the milling  contour has a constant width. This shortens the set- up time and enables operator-free performance. Sensors in the ProtoMat S64 ensure optimally controlled, exact milling depth and also monitor  the tool change process.

2.5 dimensional machining

Housing parts can be machined in up to 2.5 dimensions.

Solder paste dispenser

An integrated dispenser (available as optional extra) can fully automatically apply solder paste to solder pads. An additional data calculation is not necessary.

Sensor controlled

Sensors in the ProtoMat S64 ensure optimally controlled, exact milling depth and also monitor the tool change process.


Comparison table

Application E44 S64 S104  
Milling/drilling of single- and double-sided circuit boards  
Milling/drilling of HF and microwave substrates -  
Milling/drilling of multilayers with up to eight layers  
Contour milling of circuit boards  
Laser structuring of ultrafine conductor areas - - -  
Milling of flexible and flex-rigid circuit boards - -  
Engraving of front panels/plates  
Milling of cutouts in front panels -  
Milling of SMD solder paste stencils -  
Laser cutting of SMD solder paste stencils - - -  
Structuring of ceramic materials - - -  
Machining of housings -  
Milling of solder frames -  
Depaneling and postprocessing of circuit boards -  
Drilling of test adapters -  
Inspection Templates -  
Dispensing -  

LPKF circuit board plotter at a glance

Specialist for RF and microwave applications, fully equipped for the electronics laboratory.

Allrounder for Rapid PCB Prototyping. The basic system for almost all in-house PCB prototyping applications.

The cost-effective entry into the world of professional in-house PCB prototyping.


Rapid PCB Prototyping Product Catalog (pdf - 3 MB)
LPKF ProtoMat S64 (pdf - 173 KB)
LPKF TechGuide Rapid PCB Prototyping (pdf - 3 MB)

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