LPKF MultiPress S

Press for manufacturing multilayer boards

  •     Presses rigid and flexible materials
  •     Suitable for RF materials
  •     Preset and individual process profiles
Multilayer press LPKF MultiPress S

Press for Standard and RF Multilayers

Special process profiles ensure reliable bonding of RF materials

The LPKF MultiPress S presses multilayer circuits from rigid, rigid-flex and flexible PCB materials. Process control provides for a homogeneous material compound. Efficient heat dissipation assures short cooling phases. The result is optimum process times.

8-layer Multilayer in Your Own Lab

A high packing density and the correlated high number of circuits or additional tasks that need to be performed by the circuit board require the design of complex prototypes as multilayer. They can accommodate circuits in several layers.

LPKF MultiPress S is a tabletop system for pressing of multilayers in your own lab. The short process time of only approx. 90 minutes as well as user-friendly operation make the system an ideal tool for a safe production of multilayer prototypes as well as small batches.

LPKF MultiPress S presses complex circuit boards with up to eight layers in one step. Various pressure, temperature, and time profiles allow for top flexibility in the material selection and the number of layers. MultiPress S is available as the version with a manual hand pump or automatic hydraulics.

Systems for multilayer manufacturing

LPKF ProtoMat S104 cirrcuit board plotter

The LPKF ProtoMat S104 is the system of the ProtoMat S family with automatic tool change, vacuum table and camera for optical registration of the register marks. Automatic milling width adjustment ensures precise PCB structures with identical milling channels.

LPKF ProtoLaser S4

With the LPKF ProtoLaser S4, it only takes a few minutes from the layout to the structured circuit board - exact geometries on many substrates. The ProtoLaser S4 can also reliably process copper surfaces with inhomogeneities up to 6 μm and is ideally suited for the production of multilayers.

LPKF MultiPress S

The LPKF MultiPress S scores with a short pressing time of approx. 90 minutes and sophisticated temperature management. Storable pressure and temperature profiles provide optimum support for the user.

LPKF ProConduct

The electrical connections between the individual layers are made by LPKF ProConduct, a chemical-free system specially developed for laboratory use. If there are more than four layers, galvanic through-hole plating is recommended.


LPKF Contac S4

With multilayers, the connection of layers with vias is of particular importance. The classical galvanic process is obligatory for six layers or more. The LPKF Contac S4 table system is easy and safe to operate without chemical knowledge.


LPKF MultiPress S (pdf - 194 KB)
In-House Multilayer Technology (pdf - 492 KB)
Rapid PCB Prototyping Product Catalog (pdf - 4 MB)
LPKF TechGuide Rapid PCB Prototyping (pdf - 3 MB)

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