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Thin-film panel factories are continous 24/7 operations demanding technical availabilities of up to 97%. Low operating costs, low maintenance and service friendliness are additional vital factors to achieve cost-effective production in the P1 through P3 laser scribing processing steps and subsequent edge deletion. The LPKF Allegro Series is able to satisfy such demands and specifications. Optimized machine dynamics, precision laser scribing and the minimum-cost machine concept make the Allegro laser scribers an exceedingly cost-effective solution for production thin-film solar modules.

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The Allegro Series - Next generation of laser scribing

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LPKF Allegro laser scribers

In musical terminology, Allegro means fast. LPKF SolarQuipment’s state-of-the-art laser scribers carry this name due to their outstanding throughput and precision. Imagine a solar module factory to be a great orchestra. The Allegro scribers would be world class players perfectly contributing to the overall goal, lowest cost per Wpeak in production.

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