Laser Cutting of
Electronic Components

Micromachining Services


Under the LaserMicronics brand, LPKF offers laser micromachining services. The range of services extends from feasibility studies through prototype production to series production. Specialised application engineers use the leading LPKF laser technology and ensure technically superior and high-quality products as well as cost-effective production.

The service portfolio of LaserMicronics

Process Development

From planning to production.

Laser Plastics Welding

Non-contact laser welding process.

Laser Cutting

Precise work with the UV laser.

Drilling Microvias

Manufacture of microvia holes with diameters of less than 200 microns.

Microprocessing Ceramics

Cutting, drilling, scribing and engraving of ceramics.

Cutting Micro Parts

High-precision cutting parts with a thickness of up to 2 mm, cut from sheets.

Repair & Rework

Solder resists and foils open and reduce scrap.

TCO / ITO Laser Processing

The finest insulation in the TCO layer invisible lasers.

Solder-Resists and Foils

Laser machining of demanding solder mask in the HDI range <50 microns