LPKF PowerWeld 2600

Multi-purpose, compact, top quality

  • Flexible application, simple operation
  • High welding quality for smaller components
  • Stand-alone devices in a compact design
  • Rotary index table for very high throughput
  • Without rotary index table available as PowerWeld 2000
  • Integrated quality control
LPKF PowerWeld 2600

Flexible and universal

LPKF PowerWeld 2000/2600: Compact welding system for (almost) every application

The LPKF PowerWeld 2000 and PowerWeld 2600 systems enable high design flexibility. All components are accommodated in the compact housing: laser, control unit and cooling system. The PowerWeld 2600 also features a rotary index table for higher throughput. Integrated online process monitoring ensures optimum workpiece quality and productivity.

Application Examples

Norgren valve
Perfect Valve

PowerWeld 2600 uses radial welding to join cylindrical objects such as these valve sets for automotive applications

Electric Shaver
Electric Shaver

The flexibility of the LPKF PowerWeld 2000/2600 was the key to making it possible: variable laser plastic welding for watertight welds

Medical Electronics Housing
Electronics Housing

Reliability for medical technology: electronics housing safely and gently welded using laser technology


LPKF PowerWeld 2000 Systems (pdf - 327 KB)

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