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Innovations made by LPKF

We are setting benchmarks and investing in your

For us, “Next Generation” means the following: setting benchmarks so that you can achieve maximum performance with a minimum of time and expense – for example, with the development of our newest intelligent software for LPKF laser plastic welding machines.

We make it easy for you - thanks to our innovations

We make it easy for you - thanks to our innovations

You can improve your products with lean and effective production processes. To this end, our laser and mechanical engineering experts are constantly on the lookout for solutions to every new challenge you face.

As an innovative technology leader in laser systems for plastic welding, we think of everything:

  • Best possible functionality
  • Systems that fit your production environment
  • Ease of operation and simple project setup
  • Seamless quality assurance
  • Optimum welding results
3 Dimensions - One Solution

With our patented technology, your 3D component is securely laser-welded.

Complex Calculation - Made Easy for You

From the CAD layout to perfect weld seams with only a few mouse clicks – thanks to intelligently developed machine software

Laser Beam Precision in Pure Form

We have revolutionized the beam path – a high-end solution for your high-end product

Unique Quality Inspector

THE material test unit - to ensure the process reliability of your application.

Novelty in Laser Plastic Welding

It has never been so easy to operate laser welding machines while achieving top quality with perfect weld seams. Quickly. At the press of a button. Reproducible anywhere in the world. This is why we calibrate our – and your – systems. And we will gladly recalibrate them as well.

What is more, we have also been thinking of how best to weld “around the corner” – keeping the seam and process time to a minimum but with maximum reliability and quality.

And we have succeeded! For example, with our patented procedure for 3D laser plastic welding with the LPKF PowerWeld 3D 8000.

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