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Expertise in laser plastic welding

Our resourceful developers have a wealth of experience at their disposal to help them with their work. They view complex tasks and unusual materials as attractive challenges - and create the greatest added value for users with thei innovations.

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Laser plastic welding is the core competency of LPKF WeldingQuipment. Our machines are put to use in a wide range of industries. LPKF development specialists utilize their many years of experience to create the perfect machine for our customers and even develop customer-specific properties as needed. Users can therefore use whatever material and shape is best suited to their product.

Customers and users have been documenting the various products manufactured using InlineWeld or PowerWeld systems for many years now. See for yourself:

Application examples of laser plastic welding

Which procedure is best suited to your applications? 

You can find more information on oour welding technologies here. Or just ask us!

Information about Laser Plastic Welding

You can consult the pages of our website to find information on how laser plastic welding works, which appplications are possible, and what the different welding procedures are. After all, we want not only our customers but also other interested parties, such as students, to profit from our know how.

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