LPKF PicoLine 3000

Laser depaneling system with CleanCut technology

  • Inline-capable for automated depaneling
  • Can be used as a standalone system
  • High throughput and quality performance


High performance and outstanding cutting quality

Just click on the layout files instead of manufacturing expensive tools – that’s how easy the LPKF PicoLine 3000 systems can be employed to process different products. Users enjoy cutting Edge competitive advantages thanks to the very high quality and flexible production planning.

Profit from the new CleanCut technology

The PicoLine 3000 Ci systems are remarkably compact, easy to operate, with a very good price performance ratio – a welcome addition to the electronic production team.
The highly sophisticated LPKF CleanCut Technology in combination with shortpuls laser-systems ensures absolutely clean sidewalls.


LPKF PicoLine 3000 Ci (pdf - 542 KB)

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