LPKF PicoX 5000

High-performance short-pulse laser technology for efficient and accurate PCB drilling

  • Large working area of 21” x 24” x 0.43”
  • Highest position accuracy
  • Perfect also for sensitive high-frequency materials

Micro- and blind vias with highest quality and speed

The LPKF PicoX 5000 platform meets the highest requirements for blind via and micro via drilling. The short-pulse laser system ensures optimal throughput, accurate positioning of the hole and, in the case of blind vias, reliable connection of the bottom layer -- reproducible with perfect hole geometries.

Maximum efficiency for a wide range of materials

The LPKF PicoX 5000 platform is a specialist for drilling modern PCB materials. Many other electronics manufacturing processes benefit from the outstanding precision and cleanliness of laser processing, including the cutting and pocketing of flexible PCB materials as well as the processing of IC substrates and High Density Interconnect PCBs. A wide variety of materials can be processed with one and the same system by simply adjusting the system parameters. The user-friendly, flexible system control makes it easy to benefit from this performance.


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