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Electronics Manufacturing

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Electronics Manufacturing

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As a highly specialized photonics machinery manufacturer and the world's leading provider of laser-driven production processes, LPKF Laser & Electronics offers all-in-one solutions for a broad range of applications.

Fields of application

Laser Depaneling for PCBA/EMS

Minimize stress, maximize yield: stress free cutting of populated rigid and flexible PCBs

  • CleanCut technology
  • Automated handling
  • New LPKF PicoLine laser systems
Laser Drilling and Cutting for PCB Shops

Stress free cutting and drilling of rigid PCBs, FPCBs and coverlays.

  • CleanCut technology
  • Short-pulse systems 
  • New LPKF PicoLine systems
SMT Stencils and Micro-cut Parts

LPKF StencilLasers, the first choice for SMT stencil manufacturers: Exact geometries for each and every stencil aperture.

  • Step stencils
  • XXL stencils
  • Micro-cut parts made from thin metal foils
IC Packaging

Incorporate higher IC functionality -- Processing of mold compounds

  • Through mold vias (TMVs),
  • Singulation of IC packages,
  • Through glass vias (TGVs)
3D-MID With Laser Direct Structuring (LDS)

Mechatronic integrated devices (MIDs) enable greater miniaturization. Laser-based structuring technologies are being increasingly used for manufacturing innovative mechatronic systems and microsystems such as sensors and actuators.


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SinglePico Technology from LPKF

Ultra-short pulse (USP) lasers have gained much attention in the industry for micromachining applications in areas where traditional manufacturing methods are struggling to meet the needs for miniaturization, speed, quality or cost.

To achieve the benefits of cold ablation, which is related to the process used in USP lasers, it is imperative to recognize the integration of machine components with beam parameters for effective material processing. We process a wide variety of material types with pico-second lasers in the infrared, green, and ultraviolet wavelength regimes.

Within the ultra-short pulse regime the pulse duration plays a major role in processing efficiency. LPKF's SinglePico technology works exactly in the optimum pulse duration range for PCB material processing with pulse durations around a single picosecond instead of 10 ps or longer.


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