Chairman of the Supervisory Board Dr. Markus Peters steps down

The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of LPKF Laser & Electronics AG, Dr. Markus Peters, has informed the company that he has stepped down from his position as member and Chairman of the Supervisory Board today.

"Following a successful restructuring and a transition phase after the exit of the Bantleon Group, I am stepping down from my role in the LPKF Supervisory Board. For upcoming important decisions for the further positive development of the company, I would like to give new shareholders the opportunity to be represented in the Supervisory Board," explains Peters.

Dr. Peters was elected to the Supervisory Board at the annual general meeting in 2017. As a member of the Management Board of German Technology AG, a member of the Bantleon Group and LPKF's major shareholder at the time, Peters was able to support substantial change both in the management of the company and in the financing and balance sheet structure, and to initiate a successful turnaround of the technology company. During his term of office, LPKF has joined the SDAX and TecDAX indices of the German Stock Exchange.

Important measures taken during Dr. Peters' term of office include the replacement and streamlining of the Management Board, organizational restructuring measures, the introduction of a remuneration model based on value creation, and a successful capital increase in 2018 which gave the company additional freedom to pursue growth options.

Dr. Goetz M. Bendele, CEO of LPKF, thanks Dr. Peters on behalf of the entire Management Board and the employees: "Dr. Peters has played a major role in shaping the development of our company over the last four years, and in doing so has focused on an entrepreneurial and future-oriented approach. Christian Witt and I would like to thank Dr. Peters for his dedicated work on the Supervisory Board and for his unwavering support of the company and its leadership".

Peters also believes that LPKF is well-positioned for the future: "LPKF is a successful high tech company with a very committed workforce and an excellent reputation in the market. With a number of leading-edge technologies in its portfolio, the company has a strong potential for continued success and substantial growth in the future".

The vacancy on the Supervisory Board will be filled shortly. An institutional investor has informed the Management Board that they intend to propose Mr. Jean-Michel Richard, former CFO of Dialog Semiconductor, as a candidate for the Supervisory Board.


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