Dr. Klaus Fiedler

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of LPKF Laser & Electronics SE

Areas of responsibility

Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Production, Research & Development, Innovation

Personal data

Year of birth1971

Professional Career

Since January 2022Chief Executive Officer, LPKF Laser & Electronics SE
2017Vice President, Head of Corporate New Ventures, SCHOTT AG, Mainz
2015Vice President Product Management, Knowles Electronics, Suzhou, (China)
2013Senior Director Business Segment, Knowles Electronics, Suzhou, (China)
2011Director R&D and Program Management Asia-Pacific, Knowles Electronics, Peking, (China)
2006Director Product Line Microphones, NXP Semiconductors, Wien (Austria)
2001Senior Scientist, Philips Research Laboratories, Aachen

Education and training

2001Ph.D. in physics, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
1995Master Degree in Physics, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Relevant knowledge, skills and experience

As a proven technology expert in the fields of MEMS, sensors and imaging systems, Klaus Fiedler has many years of experience in the electronics industry. He combines a clear focus on innovation with a strong customer orientation and a deep understanding of the markets in Asia-Pacific, North America and Europe. Entrepreneurial spirit and successful collaboration with global tier-1 customers characterize his career.

Memberships in statutory supervisory boards or other domestic and foreign supervisory bodies of commercial enterprises


Shareholding in the company/group (actual and conditional)



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