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Quality Management

LPKF Laser & Electronics AG

ISO Certification

The quality management standard ISO 9001 is the most widespread and most important standard in quality management both nationally and internationally. It requires the documentation of all organizational structures and processes up to detailed process instructions, workflows and job descriptions in an integrated management manual. Subsequently, the conformity of the processes with the corporate reality is checked in a defined procedure.

Proof of the successful application by LPKF was provided by 'Deutsche Zertifizierung in Bildung und Wirtschaft GmbH'. The subsidiaries LaserMicronics, LPKF WeldingQuipment GmbH and LPKF SolarQuipment GmbH have also been successfully certified.

LPKF Quality Policy

All activities of the LPKF Group are geared toward the success of its customers. All activities and decisions are aimed at improving the competitiveness of the Group’s customer base through technical advancement and efficiency gains.

Strengthening LPKF in the long term serves the interest of all customers, business partners, employees and shareholders. Management therefore emphasizes strengthening the Group’s innovation resources and ensuring profitability.



ISO 9001 Certificate - LPKF Laser & Electronics AG (pdf - 285 KB)
ISO 9001 Certificate - LPKF WeldingQuipment GmbH (pdf - 287 KB)
ISO 9001 Certificate - LPKF SolarQuipment GmbH (pdf - 284 KB)
LPKF Quality Policy (pdf - 302 KB)


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Manager Investor Relations (CIRO)
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