Back sheet for Foldable Displays

Using the StencilLaser systems and a processing method developed and patented by LPKF, high-quality and durable metal back sheets for foldable displays can be produced in a simple, cost-effective and relatively fast way.

Structure of Foldable Displays

Foldable display solutions consist of several layers, each of which ensures different functions of the overall system. An exemplary structure of such a solution is shown in the adjacent figure.

In order to meet the requirements and the forces of the folding process, all layers must have a necessary degree of flexibility. Especially the back panels of foldable displays must be characterized by controllable elasticity and long durability.

LPKF offers a flexibly adaptable method for the simple and very cost-effective production of such back sheets. The functional priniciple and advantages of the method are explained in more detail in the following sections and in the downloadable white paper.

Functional priniciple

LPKF's patented method cuts a predefined area of the metal sheet quickly and precisely. The machined area is then used to function as a kind of hinge between the two untouched surfaces. The elasticity of the hinge can be systematically varied using different cutting strategies.

The resulting product is ideally suited for use as a back sheet for foldable display solutions. Other application contexts are of course also conceivable.

Further and more detailed information regarding the process or the resulting product can be found in the white paper, which we provide in the download area.

 Advantages of the process

High manufacturing speed

The method by LPKF is characterised by its very high production speed and short cycle time compared to other possible production processes. Manufacturing a workpiece takes less than one minute (the speed can vary depending on the size of the area to be processed and the thickness of the sheet metal).

Short process chain

The cutting process is the only production step that has to be carried out after the metal sheet has been provided. This ensures a short and simple process chain. In many cases, reworking of the finished component is not necessary. In this way, the process chain is much shorter than in the case with etching, for example.

Great flexibility

Due to the variability of some production parameters, the process offers a very high flexibility for the user. In this way, the back sheet to be produced can be adapted to the individual requirements of the respective application.

Ressource and environmentally friendly

In addition, the cutting process is a very resource and environmentally friendly process in which among other benefits no chemicals or similar auxiliary materials are required for production.

LPKF StencilLaser Systems

With the following LPKF stencil laser systems, the patented method can be easily implemented and used license-free when purchasing a new machine. The systems differ in terms of their suitability for specific application contexts, such as material thicknesses to be processed and the required cycle time.

The PowerCut is the most powerful and fastest system for the production of back panels for foldable displays - especially for increasing material thicknesses.

The MicroCut system is suitable in the application case of back sheets for foldable displays preferably for thinner sheet thicknesses in which finer cutting patterns are to be made.

The well-established stencil laser system G6080 is designed for processing thinner sheet thicknesses and standard cutting patterns for back sheets of foldable displays.


White Paper
Metal back sheets for Foldable Displays (pdf - 1 MB)


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