Laser Induced Deep Etching (LIDE)
Opens New Horizons

A New Way of Laser Processing Thin Glass

No special-glass needed, no chipping, no micro cracks

LIDE technology makes it possible for the first time to achieve modifications through the entire thickness of the glass with only single laser pulses. This is necessary to obtain deep structures such as through holes or micro-sections.

The new LIDE process by LPKF is a two-step process. It can be characterized by the ability to create deep structures in thin glass with high aspect ratio in the range of >1:10 with a processing speed unseen before. Smallest structure sizes >10 μm can be realized.

Step 1:

In the first step, the glass is locally laser-modified according to the desired layout. With the special LPKF Vitrion 5000 laser system, the application engineers modify the glass for the subsequent etching process.

Step 2:

In the second process step, the modified areas of the glass are removed by wet chemical etching much more rapidly than the unmodified material is.

LPKF has been working on the industrial related implementation of laser machining of through glass vias of transparent substrates, such as borosilicate and float glass. Now there is a new attractive method available for high performance drilling and cutting.

Ideal for glass thicknesses from 50 to 500 µm

  • No micro cracks / chipping
  • No edge chipping
  • For cleanroom applications
  • No further cleaning needed
  • Very smooth processing surfaces, ideal for RF applications
  • No special-glass needed
  • Complex shapes possible

Glass is of great interest as a material due to its range of properties for a variety of applications in micro systems technology. Thin glass is available in various formats like waver- and panel-size formats.

General properties driving glass applications:

  • Optical
    • High transparency
    • Low fluorescence
  • Chemical and mechanical
    • High chemical resistance and chemically inert
    • Isotropic
    • Good mechanical stability
    • Low thermal expansion
  • Electrical
    • Low insertion loss
    • Isolator
    • High resistivity

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