Innovative solutions for
micro-optics and chip systems


A revolution in the machining
of thin glass substrates

Foundry Services

Enabling high quality
next generation products

Precise, Deep Micro-Structures in Thin Glass

Advanced micro-optics and chip technology demand new process technologies

Under the brand name Vitrion a team of dedicated engineers and researchers allows you to take advantage of the latest process technology while focusing on value add on for your application.

Foundry Services

Waver-level optics and through glass via substrates: Customers around the globe accelerate development and streamline their business with vitrion's high-yield, high-volume source.


A highly productive laser system and an innovative process technology are revolutionizing the machining of thin glass substrates.


Our team works closely with customers to create applications that allow rapid development of advanced solutions.

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Vitrion is a LPKF brand

LPKF is represented internationally.
Vitrion Foundry Service

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