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Rapid PCB Prototyping

Bandpass filter 2.4 GHz
A typical question asked by users demands clarification of how high the precision of material processed in an in-house lab is in comparison with the quality achievable in later production. In response to this, LPKF experts conducted a comparative study of three processes: the mechanical processes of laser ablation and milling and the chemical etching more...

Precision processing of high-tech material Titanate
LPKF Laser & Electronics AG tested the high-tech material titanate – a compound composed of ZrO2, TiO2, and SnO2 – with the LPKF ProtoLaser R. The goal was to achieve a higher precision in the HF range, i.e., to ablate 1.78 µm from the surface of the 260-µm-thick compound. read more...

The global LPKF network: LPKF Distributor Meeting in Hanover
The LPKF Laser & Electronics AG headquarters in Garbsen opened its doors for the Tenth International Distributor Meeting. Over 300 participants – distribution partners and representatives – from around the world met on September 6–8, 2017, to exchange opinions and information on market trends as well as the latest more...

Reducing development time with the LPKF ProtoLaser S4
Extreme miniaturization and more computing power, efficient communications between networked, often mobile systems – the demands placed on developers of embedded systems are daunting. With the LPKF systems for in-house PCB prototyping, developers have access to an environment that enables them to accelerate development projects and keep data within their company’s walls. read more...

Education to the highest level
For years now, LPKF has been supporting the WorldSkills Competition by providing systems for chemical-free PCB prototyping. This year the competition final took place in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. More than 1250 trainees from 58 nations competed for gold, silver, and bronze in 51 disciplines – in front of 100,000 spectators from business and research. read more...

Picosecond pulses: 0.9-mm holes in 50-µm-thick glass
As the new YouTube film from LPKF demonstrates, “glass is no longer transparent,” but can be processed “cold” using special laser technology. Glass and other heat-sensitive materials with properties especially compatible with electrical circuits can now be cut, ablated, or structured in a damage-free process. read more...

Precise geometries on LTCC materials
The new LPKF ProtoLaser U4 with a UV laser source is an innovative multitalent recommended for numerous material groups thanks to its UV wavelength of 355 nm: for machining RF filters or patterning LTCCs or completely new material groups for electronics more...

Microsatellite platforms at TU Moldova
“Printed circuit boards with LPKF processes. High-performance prototypes for microsatellites” is the title of a new LPKF field report for a project at the Technical University of Moldova. It was a premiere for LPKF: for the first time ever, researchers used LPKF equipment for PCB prototyping for an aerospace research seminar. read more...

LPKF application specialists presenting key systems and processes for in-house PCB prototyping
Making printed circuit boards or multilayers in just one day or in-house PCB prototyping from idea to finished assembly without using any etching chemicals – this concept is catching on! The resounding success of all roadshows held in April and May of 2017 provides the proof. Another roadshow will follow in more...

The “heart” of the vehicle: the control PCBs
Since 1999 students participating in the SolarCar project at the Bochum University of Applied Sciences have been developing, designing, and manufacturing solar vehicles. This year the SolarCar team is already onto its eighth vehicle, the new thyssenkrupp Blue.Cruiser – which is also the fourth Bochum project solar vehicle to be officially approved for road use! read more...

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